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Exercises (40 seconds on and 20 sec rest):

  • Side lunge with overhead pressing
  • Bent over squat with rear-deltoid flies
  • Lunges with bicep curls – alternating legs 
  • Surya Namaskra flow 3 times
  • Finish by resting in child’s pose

Repeat above 3 to 4 times for a complete workout

The workout focuses on engaging the cardiovascular system as well as the skeletal-muscular system, with muscular endurance being the goal with this type of workout. Use two 3 to 8 pound weights – depending on your strength and fitness level. 

When doing the exercises for 40 seconds push yourself to go as fast as you can yet still keeping good form. The 20 second rest is an active recovery – slow easy marching for the rest period. 

Always use good form and be conscious to engage the deep abdominal muscles to ensure that the low back is supported during the movements. If any of these movements cause pain stop immediately. Physical pain is different from muscular fatigue and stress.

Try to do this sequence 3 to 4 times either simultaneously or spread them throughout the day. Modifications can be made for each movement.